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August, 2020

As you can see, it has been a long time since I have posted prophetic words here. (See Facebook) It's not that the Lord hasn't spoken to me. I just have not been active on this site and for that I am sorry. Reading the previous prophetic words here has confirmed to me that the organized religious church must evolve. We can no longer rely on the hyped messages of how wonderful things are going to be, promising revival, shifting, outpouring unless God truly and really tells us that. Today's Christian is living in a changed environment on earth. We can no longer be like ostriches burying our heads in the sand. We must deal with the ugliness of politics, social climate, financial realities and we must deal with them not only in prayer but in actively using our voices. We can't be holy Pollyanna's. We must be, as scripture tells us, wise as serpents while being harmless as doves. It takes both. We became so harmless as to become ineffective. Onward Christian soldiers! Wake up! Hear what Holy Spirit is saying and tell your world.


As a Holy Spirit filled believer, I do receive prophetic words and when I minister, I usually give one-on-one personal words of prophecy to those who attend the meetings. When I was pastoring, the Lord would give me prophetic words for the congregation.

However, when I have gotten prophetic words on a larger scale (global for example) I have only shared them with my husband and a few friends. That has changed and the Lord is challenging me to share these words on a more public platform. Therefore, when directed, I will post the prophecies on social media and on the appropriate websites.

December, 2016

As you can see, I have not posted prophetic words since last year (2015). My pastor and husband, Robert, passed away in March of 2015 and quite frankly, no matter how strong a Christian one is, it takes time to recover and get to a place to move forward. Words of prophecy have come, but I have not shared them in 2016. However, joy comes in the morning according to scriptures and I guess the morning has come.

For all of 2014 and 2015, prophets were crying 'a Shift is coming!' Who knew a Shift is a slow process to the naked eye? I am finally seeing evidence of the gigantic turning of the Church, the Body of Christ. I remember in a movie I saw, some people were about to drown and the hero was trying to turn a large wheel to open their means of escape. He couldn't turn it alone and at times he almost drowned himself, in the effort.

I feel the Shift has been like that. It took the effort of many to get the wheel to turn. We were almost taken out in the process, or so we thought.

I believe the Shift is the turning of the Body of Christ to true Christian Love and away from religion in a very real, boots-on-the-ground way. Some were forerunners in this and have wondered why it was taking so long for others to 'get it'. The hold up for them was, they were judging those who were not on the forefront.

Now the main stream of the Church is moving with the wheel. The resistance is dissipating. The way through is becoming more visible as the fresh air of love rushes into our being.

Look for miraculous Kingdom inroads into areas previously filled with hate. The love of God as displayed through the Church will bring governments to their collective knees as they bow to the wonder of mercy and grace.

John 13:35 Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

February, 2015

Monday, 2/3

The scriptures tell of a 'falling away' in the last days. Of course we have always seen believers fall away from the faith. What I am seeing now and believe this trend will continue to increase in 2015 is a combination of advancing/retreating. While we will see a great number of believers rapidly growing in the supernatural expression of God, we will be shocked by believers who have been strong in faith but will now lose ground as they follow anti-scriptural 'revelation' which they will say is from God. Stand on the truth. The Holy Spirit in you will lead you and guide you into all truth. Fear not.

October, 2014

About a week prior to the Ebola scare on a cruise ship, I told my roommate, Patricia Harrington, that I had just seen a vision of a cruise ship stuck offshore, not allowed to dock because ebola was suspected. No country wanted to risk thousands of passengers disembarking having been exposed to Ebola. Of course, within a week, news came of a Carnival ship in just such a situation. We know God was telling us to pray, to intercede on behalf of these passengers.


Sunday, 10/19

During worship today, God sent me into the second Heaven on assignment. I was to 'fly' through second heaven with Holy Fire, spreading it throughout that realm. The fire was not like flames, but rather hot light. Almost everywhere I took the fire/light, the atmosphere was flooded with light. As I approached the second Heaven over Asia, I was hindered by some barrier. I knew I was to press through and did. However, althought brightened, the area was still not as filled with light as other areas, say over the USA or Europe. I was then told to retrace my path and this time the area over Asia became even brighter, but still slightly dimmer.

God wants me/us/the Church to interced for the spiritual atmosphere of Asia, but particularly North Korea. The time is now that God is focused on North Korea. It has been very dark spiritually, but as we intercede, the Light can flood the souls of North Koreans including the government.


Thursday, 10/23

As I read reports of the activities of gunmen in various spots in Canada this week, I heard the Lord say, "Test Case."

The terrorists are in research and development now. What they try in one country, especially advanced countries like Canada, US, Australia, etc., will be the learning ground for what they do in another country.

I also heard 'bait and switch'. Canada should be aware that these overt attacks are the bait to draw police and government's attention away from more covert attacks carried out simultaneously.

Pray for Canada.