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Have you even been frustrated trying to find a Holy-Spirit filled Christian speaker who flows in the Spirit of God and can present the Word of God in a dynamic way?  ME TOO!

That's why we have created the Charismatic Christian Speakers list.  Now you can easily and quickly find a speaker for your event.

When a speaker submits a request to be listed, we will check out at least one reference of someone in the 'business' who has heard them speak and witnessed the flow of the Holy Spirit in their ministering.

In addition, we believe in integrity, so if you are a speaker and wish to be listed, you'd better walk the walk as well as talk the talk. 

Speakers wishing to be listed should send your contact information, along with a website link and two references. 

God bless you


Dr. Linda Smith

San Marcos, TX

This site and. . .

Rev. Patricia Harrington

San Marcos, TX

Contact Dr. Smith for referral


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